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Polyamide solutions


Establishment of supply system for nylon vertical systematization

Equipped with nylon vertical systematization supply system Caprolactam which is raw material, Polyamide - 6, 66 (Base polymer) which is semi-finished goods through High Tenacity Yarn which is finished goods, Mirae C.M.T. has exerted ourselves to develop Korean nylon industry through the regular long-term business relationship regularly with domestic customers handling chemical fiber, Engineering Plastic (Enpla) and industrial yarns.

Recently, we build supply system of enpla raw material package for auto mobile industry and supply enpla customers with packaged raw material and sub-material such as Polyamide - 6, 66, PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). In addition, we have succeeded in developing not only subjacent High Tenacity Yarn for fishing net but also polymer for special fishing net and supplied them to industrial yarn-customers.

Role performance as supply line of raw material for Personal care, Agricultural pesticide and Fine chemistry

Mirae C.M.T. has imported and distributed raw material for Personal care, Agricultural pesticide and Fine chemistry, which has helped development of domestic Bio and Agricultural/Pharmaceutical industry.

Export expansion of potassium to middle-east market

Mirae C.M.T. solely exports Korean-made potassium chemical products to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other middle-east countries and we are faithful to the role as mainstay of our export

Mirae C.M.T. promises once again that we will commit ourselves to pull our weight as true partner of our esteemed customers to elevate the value of our customers via customer satisfaction and the best service of solution.

Thank you